The concept of a perfect storm can be described as a momentum where different meteorological conditions collide into a hurricane force, causing disruption and radical natural change. This phenomenon in nature lead to the idea of The Perfect Storm Conference. On February 16, 2018 people, ideas and creativity will collide into a perfect storm in education.

The PerfectStorm 2018 is a unique concept called collaborative conference. Bring your team to kickstart your own innovation. Design Thinking, Learning Design and Leading Creativity collide in this energizing event where you work on your own goals, guided by international experts. Enjoy sharing learning journeys in campfire sessions where you experience a broad range of best practices, new tools and innovative insights.

At a glance: Speakers, Moderators and Inspirators

Ewan McIntosh
Ewan McIntoshKeynote speaker
Leading projects around the world for clients in education and industry, Ewan is the passionate and energising tour de force behind NoTosh. A highly-regarded keynote speaker at events around the world, he’s also the author of How To Come Up With Great Ideas and Actually Make Them Happen and regularly writes about learning on his blog
Keimpe de Heer
Keimpe de HeerModerator
Keimpe is the initiator and co-founder of PerfectStorm. Keimpe is one of the Netherland’s foremost innovators in education, a makerspace pioneer, and creative designer for learning. Besides his entrepreneurial ventures Keimpe’s energy is also directed towards his activities at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht where he designs the curriculum space for his school HKU Games and Interaction.
Marc Lewis
Marc LewisKeynote speaker
Education challenges often call for creative solutions but what if you have no ideas? Marc Lewis dispels the myth that creative ability is a rare gift and reveals how to reconnect with our imaginations. Exploring the most high-profile “Eureka Moments”, Marc reveals a universal formula for creativity.
Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca FergusonKeynote speaker
Rebecca Ferguson is a senior lecturer in the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at The Open University in the UK, where she works on the Masters in Online and Distance Education (MAODE). Her primary research interests are educational futures and how people learn together online. She is lead author of the Innovating Pedagogy reports.
Frank Evers
Frank EversModerator
Frank is initiator and co-founder of PerfectStorm. He is well known for his passionate way of leading innovative educational project and organizations. Frank co-designed several school concepts and curricula. At Turning Learning he is Innovation and Capacity Leader for the Dutch Cluster of the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning partnership. In his campfire ‘The art of ignorance’ he expresses the value of embracing the unknown and finding real problems through various questioning strategies.
Bob Hofman
Bob HofmanInspirator
Bob is a global learning innovator with passion for student autonomy, future skills and edTech. His campfire session “From Learner to Leader” is about The Global Teenager Project (GTP). Children from around the world practice collaborative learning in virtual classes. In cross-cultural interactive sessions they discuss and learn about global challenges. This “brings the world together”. Based upon three evidence-based learning strategies peer-, self- and formative assessment the fabulous tool peerScholar allows students across the world share in deep meaningful learning experiences.
Hanneke de Graaff / Annet Willigenburg
Hanneke de Graaff / Annet WilligenburgInspirators
“We were looking for a way to better integrate design thinking into our curriculum. The energetic day provided by the Perfect Storm in 2016 has been a great inspiration for us at UniC.” – Hanneke de Graaff
Teachers Hanneke and Annet have been designing real inspiring learning experiences with their students. They used a prototyping approach to bring design thinking into UniC’s curriculum. They worked with students on several iterations of “the Challenge Game”. In Campfire Session “Prototyping the Challenge Game”, they will share inspiring experiences.
Zina Heikamp
Zina HeikampInspirator
Zina is school leader and inspiring front runner in the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning network. This started 3 years ago when she asked her team just one simple question. Why on earth did you get up this morning and drove all the way up to this school? That’s where a deep immersion and problem finding started. Her journey was all about leading her team towards students autonomy. In a campfire session ‘Leading towards Learning’ she will illustrate how problem finding and deep learning design helped her school to enter the next level.

Program highlights

Besides the main conference program you can participate in numerous side track events and parallel sessions.

Campfire sessions

Meet international experts during campfire sessions for informal Q&A and fire side chats.

Project marketplace

At the project market place you can scout for new interesting projects or pitch your own project.

Design sessions

Immerse yourself in high energy design sessions hosted by various design experts throughout the day.


The ATEE Winter conference 2018 is joining forces with PerfectStorm 2018. ATEE offers an academic program that is infused in the PerfectStorm 2018 conference program.

At the center of our joint operation is the ICEFIL project, the International Centre of Excellence of Innovative Learning. Main goal of this organisation is to promote internationally the innovative learning methods.

For more information about the ATEE program, please visit our partner website

Registration and practical information





1750,-per team (5 persons)

Register before January 2nd, 2018 and receive an early-bird discount. Early bird single price tickets:  € 349,-

*prices are ex VAT (ex btw 21%)

The Perfect Storm Conference

Before they founded The PerfectStorm, Keimpe de Heer and Frank Evers worked together in various settings to foster innovation in education. They noticed the missing link in most schools was togetherness and effective collaboration. Teamwork with focus from different angles. They came up with the idea of combining the best proven essentials in educational innovation into one exiting learning experience where teams work on their own innovation, supported by the worlds most appreciated innovators and entrepreneurs. For the third year in a row, The PerfectStorm 2018 collaborative conference is build around design thinking as a process for leading creative progress, learning design with a focus on deep learning and the use of student centered technology.

So, do you have the ambition to kick-start innovation in your school? Join our community and register for The Perfect Storm Education Conference. At this ground breaking event like-minded innovators work together in a highly energetic incubator program on new ideas, concepts and prototypes. The design sessions are supported by international experts in the field of Design Thinking and Deep Learning.

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